Ahad, 25 April 2010

What do you think about this picture?

Adakah ia pantulan dari sebuah cermin?

Adakah mata kita silap lihat??

Adakah saja2 nak tulis camtu??(^_^)

Its sound weird when someone who are normal but write the sentences like this..


This is a real one..

It is written of the Dyslexic person


‘Dys’ means ‘difficulty’ and ‘lexia’ means ‘words’.

Dyslexic person have difficulty with understanding language sounds, recognizing the meaning of words, and accurate spelling.

Kebanyakan manusia yg menghadapi dyslexia adalah daripada keturunan drpd parents, grandparents, aunts @ uncles thay have dyslexia.

Actually, they are not stupid coz they also a normal person and they also can do well in major examination and succeed in their life like……….

Tom Cruise

Thomas Edison

Leonardo da Vinci

Alexander Graham Bell

And others………..

Below is the list of the common signs of dyslexia depending on the person’s age.

· May be slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds.

· Has difficulty decoding single words (reading single words in isolation).

· Has difficulty spelling phonetically.

· Makes consistent reading and spelling errors such as letter and word reversals.

· May confuse small words: "at" for "to," "said" for "and," "does" for "goes."

· Relies on guessing and context.

· May have difficulty learning new vocabulary.

· May transpose number sequences and confuse arithmetic signs (+ - x/ =).

· May have trouble remembering facts.

· May be slow to learn new skills; relies heavily on memorizing without understanding.

· May have difficulty planning, organizing, and managing time, materials, and tasks.

· Often uses an awkward pencil grip (fist, thumb hooked over fingers, etc.).

· May have poor "fine motor" coordination.

to be continued........